SATO RACING Rear Sets were born from extensive development and testing, not only on the street but also in World GP and All Japan Road Race (Super Bike, GP250, GP125, ST600) for more than 15 seasons. In recent years the company has also been heavily involved in developing parts for teams competing in the Suzuka 8 Hours Endurance Race. (Last year a majority of the teams in the race were using at least some of our parts!) Many of the specialized Rear Sets developed specifically for the Suzuka 8 Hours have made it into production nearly unchanged as our Race Concept series of Rear Sets. But our standard ('street' friendly) Rear Sets and other parts have also benefited greatly from the lessons learned from our development for this grueling race.

Our main goal in Rear Sets production is to give the rider an excellent all-around design with adjustable positions, along with smooth, intuitive operation and exceptional durability. We use double miniature stainless ball bearings for the shift and brake pedals, for smooth, precise movement that alleviates any looseness or wobble.
We knurl our footpegs for non-slip characteristics during aggressive riding--- even the GP riders love the non-slip feel! Our pegs are adjustable so that you can choose your best position. Our Rear Sets are precision made, CAD/CAM/CAE designed and CNC machined. We give them anodized finishes which prevents oxidizing and scratches,while still allowing the texture of the metal to remain visible. On most models you can choose from Silver (clear metal), Black and Gold* anodized finish.

You can choose from multi positions !!

SATO Rear Sets feature multiple adjustable positions so that you can find the perfect stance for your size and riding style. The ranges of positions on our Rear Sets are optimized for the track, with most having the capability to move your feet higher up and further back compared to stock. Additionally, many of our Rear Sets can provide a GP-style reverse shifting pattern.

SATO RACING Rear Sets are designed and developed using feedback from many experienced racers to be the ultimate rear sets for the track - delivering high performance in as lightweight a package as possible yet durable enough for racing conditions. This lightweight design means we do not recommend them for stunt riding and wheelies. The peg bolts could fail under those conditions and we are not responsible if that happens. If you plan on stunt riding, stick with stock rear sets or get some other (heavier) aftermarket rear sets designed for that purpose. But if you are a serious racer who wants an edge on the competition, SATO RACING Rear Sets are the way to go.

NEW 'Race Concept' Racing Rear Sets!

2015 BMW S1000RR with SATO RACING Race Concept edition Rear Sets

SATO RACING's all-new 'Race Concept' series of Rear Sets are pure, no-compromise race-spec Rear Sets, designed for track-only bikes. These specialized Rear Sets utilize modular step plate designs to provide a wide range of positions that can move your feet significantly higher up and rearward compared to stock.

Click Here to view our complete lineup of 'Race Concept' Rear Sets.

Note: Our
'Race Concept' Rear Sets are recommended for dedicated track bikes only due to the high position and lack of brake light switch / ABS compatibility on most models.

Find REAR SETS by make / model:
KawasakiKTMMoto GuzziMV AgustaSuzukiTriumphYamaha

      aprilia  Index

RSV4 / Tuono V4 ('17-'18)
RSV4 / Tuono V4 R APRC ABS ('13-'16)
Tuono V4 R APRC ('12-'13 non-ABS)
RSV4 APRC ('11-'13 non-ABS)
RSV4 ('09-'10)
RSV 1000 R/ Factory ('04-'08)
Tuono 1000 R ('06-'11)

      Bimota  Index


      BMW  Index

S1000RR ('17-'18)
S1000RR ('15-'16)
version  |  'Race Concept' version
S1000RR ('10-'14)/ HP4
version  |  'Forward/ Up' version
S1000RR ('10-'14)/ HP4
'Race Concept' version
NEW  S1000R ('17-'18)
S1000R ('14-'16)
R1200R/ RS ('15-'18)
K1300S/ R ('09-'11)
K1200R ('05-'08)
R nineT ('14-'16)
NEW  R nineT / Pure ('17-'18)
NEW  R nineT Racer ('17-'18)
NEW  G310R ('16- )

      DUCATI  Index

899/ 1199/ 1299 PANIGALE
DIAVEL ('11-'16)
STREETFIGHTER/ S/ 848 ('09-'14)
1198/ S ('09-'10)
1098/ S
(no brake pedal)  |   Type 2  (w/ brake pedal)
848/ 848 EVO ('08-'13)
NEW  MONSTER 1200 R '16-
MONSTER 696 ('08-'14)
MONSTER 796 ('10-'14)
MONSTER 1100/ 1100S ('09-'10)
MONSTER 1100 EVO ('11-'13)
S4R / S2R ('03-'08)
SS900 / SS1000
(MH900e/ Paul Smart 1000LE/ Sport 1000)
749 / 999
748 / 916 / 996 / 998


XR1200  ('08-'13)
SPORTSTER XL883/ XL1200 ABS ('14- )
SPORTSTER XL883/ XL1200 ('14-, non-ABS)
SPORTSTER XL1200 ('04 -'13)

      HONDA  Index

NEW  CBR1000RR / SP ('17- )
CBR1000RR ABS ('09-'16)
CBR1000RR ('08-'16) Non-ABS
CBR1000RR ('04-'07)
CBR600RR ABS ('09-'17)
CBR600RR ('13-'17) Non-ABS
CBR600RR ('09-'12) Non-ABS
CBR600RR ('07-'08)
'Version 1' Rear Sets  |  'Version 2' Rear Sets
CBR600RR ('03-'06)
CBR650F ('14-'18) / CBR650R ('19)
CBR500R/ 400R ('19)
CBR500R/ 400R / CB500F/ 400F ('13-'18)
NEW  CBR250RR ('17- )
Rear Sets
(Standard version)  |  Race Concept Rear Sets
CBR250R / CBR300R ('11-'18)
CBR125R ('11- )
NEW  MONKEY 125 ('18- )
NEW  GROM ('16-'19)
Rear Sets
(Standard version)  |  Rear Sets + Tandem Brackets
NEW  GROM ('16-'19)
Race Concept Rear Sets
 (Original version)
NEW  GROM ('16-'19)
Race Concept Rear Sets - 'High Seat' version
GROM ('13-'15)
CB1100 ('13-'16)
NEW  CB1000R ('18-'19)
CB1000R ('08-'16)
NEW  CB300R / CB250R ('18- )
CB400SF ('08-'18 ABS)
NC700 ('11-'13)
CB1300SF ('03-'13)
RC51 ('00-'06)
CBR929 / 954RR ('00-'03)
919 / 599 HORNET (CB900F / CB600F) ('02-'07)
VFR800F / INTERCEPTOR ('14-'16)
VFR800 / INTERCEPTOR ('02-'12)
VTR250 ('98-'13)
NSR250 ('94- MC28)

      KAWASAKI Index

NEW  Ninja H2 SX ('18- )
Ninja H2 ('15-'18)
ZX-14R / ABS ('12- )
ZX-14 (ZZR1400) ('06-'11)
ZX-10R/ RR ('16-'19)
Stock Shift  |  Reverse Shift  |  'Race Concept'
ZX-10R ('11-'15)
ZX-10R ('08-'10)
ZX-10R ('06-'07)
ZX-10R ('04-'05)
NEW  ZX-6R / ZX636 ('19)
ZX-6R / ZX636 ('13-'17)
ZX-6R ('09-'12)
ZX-6R ('05-'08)
Ninja 1000 (Z1000SX) ('11-'19)
Z1000 ABS ('11-'17)
Z1000 ('10-'12) Non-ABS
Stock Shift  |  Reverse Shift
NEW  Z900RS ('18- )
NEW  Z900 (ZR900B) ('17-'19)
NEW  Ninja 650 / Z650 ('17- )
Ninja 650 (ER-6f) / ER-6n ('12-'14)  (Non-ABS)
Ninja 650R (ER-6f) / ER-6n
(Ninja 400R / ER-4n) ('09-'11)
Ninja 250 SL ('15-'18)
NEW  Ninja 400 / 250 ('18- )
Rear Sets
(standard version)  |  
Race Concept Rear Sets
Ninja 300 (250)/ Z300 (Z250) ('13-'17)
NEW  Ninja 300 (Ninja250) '13-'16
Race Concept Rear Sets
Ninja 250R ('08-'12)
NEW  Z125 Pro ('16-'19)
Rear Sets (standard version)  |  Race Concept Rear Sets

      KTM  Index

'Race Concept' edition
RC125 / RC390
NEW  1290 SUPER DUKE GT / R ('16- )
1290 SUPER DUKE R ('14- )
990 SUPER DUKE/ R ('05-'12)
NEW  790 DUKE ('18- )
690 DUKE ('12-'15)
690 DUKE ( -'11)
NEW  250 / 390 DUKE ('17- )
125/200 DUKE ('11-'14)

      MOTO GUZZI  Index

MOTO GUZZI V7 II  ('15-'16)
MOTO GUZZI V7  ('08-'14)

      MV AGUSTA  Index

BRUTALE 675/800/DRAGSTER ('12-'15)
BRUTALE 1090R/RR ('13-'14)
BRUTALE 750-1078 ('01-'12)
NEW  F3 (Euro4) ('17- )
F3 ('12-'14)
F4 ('10-'14)
F4 / F4 1000 (-'09)

      SUZUKI  Index

NEW  GSX-R1000/R ('17-)
Standard version
  |  Race Concept Racing Rear Sets
GSX-R1000 ('09-'16)
Standard version
  |  Race Concept Racing Rear Sets
GSX-R1000 ('07-'08)
GSX-R1000 ('05-'06)
GSX-R600/ GSX-R750 ('11- )
GSX-R600/750 ('06-'10)
GSX-R1000 ('00-'04)
GSX-R750 ('96-05)
GSX-R600 ('00-'05) / SV650/S
NEW  SV650 ABS ('16- )
BANDIT 1250/ GSX1250 ('07-'11)
GSX-S1000/F/Z ('16-'19)
GSX-S750 ('15-'18)  (GSR750 '11-'16)
NEW  GSX250R ('17-'19)
HAYABUSA ABS ('14-'19)
GSX1300R / HAYABUSA ('99-'12)
RG400/ RG500 Gamma ('85 -'87)

      TRIUMPH  Index

DAYTONA 675R ('13-'16)
DAYTONA 675R ('11-'12)
NEW  STREET TRIPLE 765 ('17- )
STREET TRIPLE 675 '13-'16
SPEED TRIPLE 1050 '11-'15
T595 / T509 / 955i /
BONNEVILLE T100 '01-'15

      YAMAHA  Index

YZF-R1 '15-
version  |  'Race Concept' version
YZF-R1 '09-'14
YZF-R1 '07-'08
YZF-R1 '04-'06
YZF-R1 '02-'03
Last chance! YZF-R1 '98-'01
NEW  YZF-R6 '17-'19
version  |  'Race Concept' version
YZF-R6 '06-'16
YZF-R6 '03-'05
YZF-R3 '15-'19 ( R25 / MT-03 / MT-25)
YZF-R3 '15-'18  ( R25) Race Concept Rear Sets
Design v.1   |   Design v.2
 (high brake pedal)
YZF-R125 '08-'13
NEW  FZ-10 / MT-10/ SP '17-'19
FZ-09 (MT-09) '17-'18
FZ-09 / MT-09 '14-'16 / XSR900 '16-
FZ-07 (MT-07) '14-'19
FZ1 '06-'15 / FZ8 '10-'13
MT-01 ('05-'12)
VMAX 1700 '09-'19


Also check out our

Note: We highly recommend our Rear Sets be installed by someone with experience installing aftermarket rear sets. The instructions that come with many SATO Rear Sets are very basic, and assume the installer has done this before. SATO RACING's US office is mainly a parts distribution warehouse, so although we can provide general technical assistance, we do not have full knowledge every one of the hundreds of bike models we sell parts for, so if you feel you may need some handholding, you could save yourself a lot of trouble by having a certified mechanic experienced with your bike model install the Rear Sets.
* Read this before purchasing Sato Racing GOLD-anodized Rear Sets:
Aluminum anodizing is an electrochemical process that increases the thickness of a passive, naturally occurring, protective aluminum oxide film. Without this process, regular aluminum will corrode and become weak. Anodizing provides protection from these effects. One drawback of anodized GOLD is its tendency to fade with prolonged exposure to UV rays. Since this does not affect the primary purpose of anodizing - corrosion protection - Color fading is not covered by the Sato Racing warranty.

Purchasers of Sato Rear Sets in anodized GOLD should also be aware that the shade of gold anodizing may vary noticeably from part to part. In addition, GOLD Sato parts are anodized in a unique tone of gold (deep, with hints of orange/ copper) that likely won't be an exact match with other anodized gold parts you may already have on your bike from other manufacturers.
Sato Racing will not accept returns for full refunds on GOLD Rear Sets in situations where the customer takes the parts out of the packaging or begins an install, then decides they don't like the shade of gold. So if you decide to go with the gold, it should be with the full understanding of these limitations of gold anodizing.

More Terms & Conditions

SATO RACING offers a full selection of Replacement Parts for our Rear Sets.
* * * Contact us to place an order * * *

Individual part numbers can be found on the illustrated parts lists included with our
Rear Sets. Parts lists are also available as downloadable PDF files here:
 Rear Sets Parts Lists

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