HONDA CBR1000RR / SP   ('17-'19)

SATO RACING Rear Sets for 2017+ CBR1000RR are precision CNC-machined from billet aluminum and anodized in your choice of deep Black or vivid Gold. Modular design lets you select from multiple adjustable foot peg positions in a range that brings your feet progressively higher up and further back compared to stock. Easily switch to GP-style reverse shift pattern too. Compatible with standard brakes and with ABS.

These Rear Sets are available in
2 versions: for the standard CBR1000RR, and for CBR1000RR SP or other CBR1000RR models equipped with the Honda quickshifter.

A Shift Spindle Holder is an available option for our CBR1000RR Rear Sets, helping reduce play in the shift spindle for smoother, more consistent shift action in heavy duty use.

(Standard version)

1 10mm Back 23mm Up
2 20mm Back 23mm Up
3 30mm Back 23mm Up
4 18mm Back 37mm Up
5 28mm Back 37mm Up
6 38mm Back 37mm Up

(CBR1000RR SP)

1 10mm Back 30mm Up
2 10mm Back 40mm Up
3 10mm Back 50mm Up
4 20mm Back 30mm Up
5 20mm Back 40mm Up
6 20mm Back 50mm Up
7 30mm Back 40mm Up
8 30mm Back 50mm Up

note: all measurements are in relation to stock position (0 mm).

The positions of the step plates, footpegs and pedal tips can be adjusted to your preference.
Fully compatible with the stock brake light switch and ABS. (STD version Rear Sets shown)

The Foot Pegs have a finely knurled pattern for a comfortable, intuitive feel and good grip.

The standard Pedal Tips are made of tough Delrin plastic. Additional styles of Pedal Tips,
such as aluminum Pedal Tips with fluted rubber sleeves, are an available option:  More Details

You can switch to GP-style reverse shift pattern by moving the shift rod to the opposite positions on the
shift link. (Standard version Rear Sets, shown here installed with our optional Shift Spindle Holder)

Double stanless bearings are utilized in the shift link and brake pedal for smooth, precise
movement with a solid, high quality feel. (Rear Sets shown with optional Shift Spindle Holder)

The Silver and Gold Rear Sets come with a Black shift linkage.
(Standard version Rear Sets shown)

CBR1000RR SP Rear Sets are optimized for use with the quickshifter on the SP.
(Will also fit the standard CBR1000RR if it is equipped with the quickshifter)

CBR1000RR SP '17- Rear Sets kit in BLACK

CBR1000RR (Standard version)




* Click Here for important info about Sato GOLD-anodized parts.


HONDA CBR1000RR ('08- )

SATO RACING Shift Spindle Holder for 2008-17* CBR1000RR adds strength and rigidity to the shift rod linkage for smoother operation and extra durability in heavy duty use. Gold anodized billet aluminum with a Teflon inner bushing.

* Confirmed to fit up through the 2017 model year. Compatibility with 2018-19 model years has not yet been confirmed.


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