YAMAHA YZF-R3 (MT-03/ R25/ MT-25) ('15-'18)

SATO RACING 'Race Concept'-edition Rear Sets are pure, no-compromise racing rear sets designed for track-only bikes.

'Race Concept' Rear Sets for 2015-18 Yamaha YZF-R3 are precision CNC-machined from high strength billet aluminum, with your choice of 2 color combinations: Black anodized finish with Gold accents, or Gold anodized finish over contrasting Black base plates. The modular base plate design lets you select from 7 adjustable positions that place your feet up to 85mm higher and 70mm further back compared to stock, for a less upright, more 'tucked in' body position that can also help to maximize lean angle during cornering. You can set up these Rear Sets for stock shifting pattern, or switch them to reverse (GP-style) shift pattern.

NOTE: Not recommended for street use. Not compatible with stock brake light switch sensor. Not recommended for use on ABS model.

Also check out the alternate 'version 2' design of our R3 'Race Concept' Rear Sets, which has a slightly higher brake pedal mount position compared to this version, providing some additional clearance in the lower positions, something that might be needed if you have a high-mount racing exhaust.

For more 'street'-friendly Rear Sets, see our standard R3 Rear Sets.


1 50mm Back 60mm Up
2 60mm Back 60mm Up
3 50mm Back 72.5mm Up
4 60mm Back 72.5mm Up
5 70mm Back 72.5mm Up
6 60mm Back 85mm Up
7 70mm Back 85mm Up

note: all measurements are in relation to stock position (0 mm).

The shift and brake pedals utilize double stainless bearings for smooth, precise pedal movement.
Gold-anodized aluminum Pedal Tips with fluted rubber grips are standard with these Rear Sets.

Knurled footpegs provide excellent grip even in wet conditions.

Modular design allows repositioning of the entire Rear Set assembly by moving the 2 bolts on
the base plate. The shift pedal has multiple adjustment points for fine-tuning the shifter feel.

To change to reverse (GP) shift pattern, flip the shift arm the opposite direction.

w/ Gold accents
w/ Black base plates

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Cutout-style FOOT PEG

This super-lightweight anodized billet aluminum peg for competition use* features a rectangular-motif grip pattern. An End Cap made of abrasion-resistant black Delrin is included.

* NOTE: Due to the lightweight hollowed-out design, these pegs are intended for track use only. Not recommended for heavier riders or stunting purposes.

Race Concept Cutout-style FOOT PEG (Sold individually)


* Click Here for important info about Sato GOLD-anodized parts.


SATO RACING offers a full selection of Replacement Parts for these Rear Sets.
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To find out individual part names & numbers, see the illustrated parts list
included with your Sato Racing Rear Sets, or view the PDF file:
  Parts List

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