DUCATI  Monster 1100 / 1100S  ( -'10)

SATO RACING Ducati Monster 1100/ S ( -'10) Rear Sets are made of billet aluminum anodized in a stunning Black, Silver or Gold finish. The shift and brake pedals feature double stainless bearings for smooth, solid-feeling pedal movement. Deeply knurled footpegs provide optimal grip even in wet conditions. Choose from 11 adjustable positions. You can easily switch the stock shift pattern to a reverse shift pattern by rotating the shift arm.

Available options include a Tandem Brackets set that goes well with the Rear Sets, and a matching adjustable Shift Arm.


1 10mm Forward 5mm Up
2 10mm Forward 15mm Up
3 10mm Forward 25mm Up
4 10mm Forward 34mm Up
5 0 mm 15mm Up
6 0 mm 20mm Up
7 0 mm 25mm Up
8 0 mm 30mm Up
9 0 mm 40mm Up
10 10mm Back 30mm Up
11 10mm Back 40mm Up

note: all measurements are in relation to stock position (0 mm).

You can switch from stock shift to reverse shift pattern
by rotating the change arm.

(photo depicts M696 Rear Sets.  M1100 Rear Sets are similar)

with optional Tandem Brackets

with optional Tandem Brackets

Rear Sets


Tandem Brackets
Anodized billet aluminum brackets with chrome molybdenum bolts.
Attach the stock passenger pegs.


SATO RACING offers a full selection of Replacement Parts for our Rear Sets.
* * * Contact us to place an order * * *

To find out individual part names & numbers, see the illustrated parts list
included with your Sato Racing Rear Sets, or view the PDF: 
Parts List

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