Race Concept  Edition

SATO RACING Race Concept-edition Rear Sets for KTM RC8 / RC8R features a range of positions significantly higher and further back than our standard RC8 Rear Sets (and much higher than stock), better to help maximize lean angle during cornering. These billet aluminum Rear Sets are available in either Black, or Gold anodized finish with Black base plates and shift assembly.

Due to the high position, these Rear Sets are reverse (GP) shift pattern only.

An optional Shift Spindle Holder that works great with the Rear Sets to provide a sturdier, more sure-footed shift feel.


1 22.5mm Back 67.5mm Up
2 22.5mm Back 77.5mm Up
3 22.5mm Back 87.5mm Up
4 22.5mm Back 97.5mm Up
5 32.5mm Back 67.5mm Up
6 32.5mm Back 77.5mm Up
7 32.5mm Back 87.5mm Up
8 32.5mm Back 97.5mm Up
9 42.5mm Back 67.5mm Up
10 42.5mm Back 77.5mm Up
11 42.5mm Back 87.5mm Up
12 42.5mm Back 97.5mm Up

note: all measurements are in relation to stock position (0 mm).

SATO RACING RC8 'Race Concept' Rear Sets [R]-side
The Foot Peg, Pedal Tip and Step Plate position are adjustable.
GOLD-anodized aluminum Pedal Tips with replaceable rubber
sleeve grips are standard with our 'Race Concept' Rear Sets.

SATO RACING RC8 'Race Concept' Rear Sets [R]-side
Deeply knurled footpegs provide excellent grip even in wet conditions.

SATO RACING RC8 'Race Concept' Rear Sets [L]-side
These Rear Sets provide a dedicated reverse (GP-style) shift pattern.
(Note: The shift pedal shown in this photo was a prototype. The actual shift pedal
included with these Rear Sets is a different design with additional adjustment holes.)

SATO RACING RC8 'Race Concept' Rear Sets [L]-side with optional Shift Spindle Holder
(Rear Sets shown with optional Shift Spindle Holder)

SATO RACING RC8 'Race Concept' Rear Sets [BLACK]

Rear Sets

w/ Gold accents
w/ Black base plates

NOTE: Due to the super high positions of these 'Race Concept' Rear Sets, we recommend them for race bikes only.

For mixed use riding, our standard RC8 Rear Sets would be a better solution for most riders.

We also make RC8 Racing version Rear Sets which have a range of positions higher and back compared to our standard RC8 Rear Sets but about 20mm lower than these 'Race Concept' Rear Sets.

* Click Here for important info about Sato GOLD-anodized parts.



Our Shift Spindle Holder adds strength and rigidity
to the RC8's shift rod linkage for smoother operation.
Anodized billet aluminum with stainless steel bolts.

SATO RACING RC8 'Race Concept' Rear Sets with Shift Spindle Holder

SATO RACING RC8 'Race Concept' Rear Sets with Shift Spindle Holder

SATO RACING RC8 Shift Spindle Holder


SATO RACING offers a full selection of Replacement Parts for these Rear Sets.
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To find out individual part names & numbers, see the
illustrated parts list included with your Sato Rear Sets

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