YAMAHA FZ1 ('06-'15) / FZ8 ('10-'13) (non-ABS)
REAR SETS (Standard and Reverse Shift)

SATO RACING Rear Sets for 2006 and later Yamaha FZ1 and FZ8 are track engineered and CNC-machined out of high strength billet aluminum with your choice of Black, Silver or Gold anodized finish. Modular step plate design lets you select from 7 adjustable positions in a range that puts your feet progressively higher and further back compared to the stock foot pegs, for a sportier, less upright riding position well-suited for spirited riding.

2 versions of these Rear Sets are available: The
Standard version Rear Sets provide a stock shifting pattern, while the Reverse Shift Rear Sets has a different shift pedal linkage setup designed for reverse shift pattern.

SATO RACING FZ1/ FZ8 Rear Sets (Standard version) in Silver


1 10mm Back 10mm Up
2 10mm Back 20mm Up
3 20mm Back 10mm Up
4 20mm Back 20mm Up
5 20mm Back 30mm Up
6 30mm Back 20mm Up
7 30mm Back 30mm Up

note: all measurements are in relation to stock position (0 mm).

The Step Plate can be adjusted 7 ways. The positions of the pedal tip is adjustable too. The shift and
brake pedals utilize double stainless bearings for smooth, precise pedal movement with a solid feel.
( Rear Sets shown with optional Return Spring )

Deeply knurled footpegs provide excellent grip even in wet conditions.
Although not shown above, a brake light switch is also included in the Rear Sets kit.
( Rear Sets shown with optional Return Spring )

Rear Sets shown with the brake light switch installed.

The standard FZ1/ FZ8 Rear Sets ( part# Y-FZ106RS2 ) provide a dedicated stock shift pattern.

FZ1/ FZ8 Reverse Shift Rear Sets ( part# Y-FZ106RSR ) has a different
shift pedal linkage design which provides a GP-style reverse shifting pattern.

Reverse Shift Rear Sets shown. Although the pedal is more ideal for a reverse shift pattern setup,
with some minor hardware changes you could modify it for stock shift pattern if you needed to.

Rear Sets (Standard version)


Reverse Shift Rear Sets


(Brake light switch is included in kit)

* Click Here for important info about Sato GOLD-anodized parts.



SATO RACING Brake Return Spring quickens the pedal return and may make the pedal feel more responsive compared to no spring. (For use with specified SATO RACING Rear Sets).



SATO RACING offers a full selection of Replacement Parts for our Rear Sets.
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To find out individual part names & numbers, see the illustrated parts list included with
your Sato Rear Sets, or download the PDF:  
Standard Rear Sets  |  Reverse Shift Rear Sets

(NOTE: This is the parts list for the ver.2 redesign of our FZ1/FZ8 Rear Sets.
Click Here for the parts list for our original design FZ1 Rear Sets.)

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