KAWASAKI  ZX-10R  ('04-'05)

SATO RACING Rear Sets for 2004-05 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R features an extensively track-tested design, with components precision CNC-machined out of lightweight yet high strength billet aluminum and anodized in a deep Black finish, with stainless steel bolts. Modular step plate design lets you choose from 6 adjustable foot positions, ranging from stock-equivalent position, to more agressive positions that bring your feet higher and further back compared to stock.


1 0 mm 0 mm
2 0 mm 10mm Up
3 0 mm 20mm Up
4 10mm Back 10mm Up
5 10mm Back 20mm Up
6 20mm Back 20mm Up

Note: all measurements are in relation to stock position (0 mm).

Note: the following photos show our ZX-10R Rear Sets in Silver, which is no
longer available. These Rear Sets are currently being produced in Black only.

SATO RACING Kawasaki ZX-10R '04-'05 Rear Sets [R]-side
SATO RACING Kawasaki ZX-10R '04-'05 Rear Sets [L]-side

Knurled footpegs provide excellent grip and feel even in wet conditions. Standard Pedal Tips are made of tough, abrasion-resistant black Delrin. Other Pedal Tip options, such as Aluminum and Folding-Style with rubber grips, are also available.

SATO RACING Kawasaki ZX-10R '04-'05 Rear Sets [R]-side
The shifter and brake utilize miniature double stainless bearings for smooth, precise
lever actuation. A pressure-type brake light switch is included with the rear sets kit.

SATO RACING Kawasaki ZX-10R '04-'05 Rear Sets [L]-side
SATO RACING ZX-10R '04-'05 Rear Sets are stock shift pattern only.
Reverse / GP shift pattern is not an option on this model.


(Brake light switch is included.)

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SATO RACING offers a full selection of Replacement Parts for our Rear Sets.
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To find out individual part names & numbers, see the illustrated parts list
included with your Sato Rear Sets, or view the PDF:
Parts List

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