DUCATI 1098/S / 1198 / 848/EVO

SATO RACING Inner Body-type Frame Sliders for Ducati 1098-series (848 / 1098/ 1198) feature slider pucks made of high density, abrasion resistant black DELRIN plastic for added protection of the exposed mechanical parts under the fairings if you lay it down at speed on the track. Sliders are mounted to the frame with black anodized billet aluminum collars and a chrome molybdenum through-bolt.

These sliders fit behind discreetly behind the fairings, providing reinforciment at the point of contact with the ground, and provided backup protection so the internals are not damaged in case the fairing breaks apart or comes off during a slide. (No fairing modifications are required with these Frame Sliders.)


SATO RACING stocks a full selection of Replacement Parts for these Frame Sliders.
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To find out individual part names & numbers, see the illustrated parts list
included with your Sato Racing Frame Sliders, or view the PDF:
  Parts List

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