SATO RACING Race Concept* Handle Bars are a new series of clip-on handle bar kits designed especially for racing bikes. Developed over a 2 year period with extensive input from top endurance racers, these heavy-duty anodized aluminum handle bars are designed to reduce the offset amount in relation to the front fork, providing the rider with more direct steering input and feel.

Available in sizes to fit many common fork diameters, and with a range of handle bar angles to choose from. All Handle Bar models have Gold anodized billet aluminum clamps with high strength tubular aluminum bar tubes and black end caps.
(L/R set of 2)

(Our 'Race Concept' series of parts are specialized racing parts meant for track use only and are not designed for or intended for street use.)

2015 Kawasaki H2 shown with SATO 'Race Concept' Handle Bars and
SATO Gold anodized billet aluminum Handle Bar Ends (sold separately).

HANDLE BAR STYLE:  FLAT type + Short Offset

Clamp Internal Diameter* /
Handle Bar Angle (downward)
37mm / 10 degrees RCHB-3710
41mm / 5 degrees RCHB-4105
41mm / 10 degrees RCHB-4110
43mm / 10 degrees RCHB-4310
44mm / 17.5 degrees RCHB-44175
45mm / 17.5 degrees RCHB-45175
50mm / 0 degrees RCHB-50
50mm / 10 degrees RCHB-5010
51mm / 7.5 degrees RCHB-5175
51mm / 10 degrees RCHB-5110
52mm / 7.5 degrees RCHB-5275
52mm / 10 degrees RCHB-5210


* NOTE: We cannot guarantee fitment on every bike model that uses these handle bar clamp diameters. There are several additional factors to consider when installing racing clip-ons, such as possible interference with the fairings or other parts due to the lower angle of the bars, the thickness of the clamps, and/or the lack of risers. On some models, fairing modifications or relocation of parts may be required to get everything to work together.

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