HONDA CBR500R / CB500F/X ('13-'18)

Keep your helmet secure with a SATO RACING Helmet Lock for 2013-18 Honda CBR500R/ CB500F/ CB500X (also fits CBR400R/ CB400F/X). This handy helmet holder features a piston-type lock mechanism mounted to a black-anodized aluminum bracket. Installs in a convenient location behind the left-side passenger peg bracket. Perfect for those times when you are out on a ride and want to stop somewhere but don't necessarily want to carry your helmet around with you. 2 keys are included.

A matching Helmet Anchor is an available option.

NOTE: on some CBR500R/CB500F's, the corner of the seat rail fairing may stick out in a way that could cover up or interfere with the lock mechanism. In these cases, we recommend tucking the corner of the fairing behind the lock if possible.


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