SUZUKI GSX-S750 '15-'16 / GSX250R '17-

Keep your helmet secure with a SATO RACING Helmet Lock! This handy lock fits several Suzuki models, including 2015-16 Suzuki GSX-S750, along with the similar non-U.S. Suzuki model GSR750 ('11-'16), and it also fits the new GSX250R. Our Helmet Lock instantly makes your sportbike more practical for daily use, by giving you a quick and secure way to stow your helmet on your bike, so you don't have to carry it around with you every time you stop somewhere.

This lock mounts behind the passenger peg bracket, and has a reversible base so it can be installed on either the left or right side on the GSX-S750. On the GSX250R, this lock is recommended for the left side only, due to the location of the stock exhaust canister on that model. Includes 2 keys.

A matching Helmet Anchor is an available option.

('15 GSX-S750)

('18 GSX250R)

Helmet shown attached to lock with the help of the optional Helmet Anchor


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