YAMAHA YZF-R1  ('15- )

SATO RACING Frame Sliders for '15- YZF-R1/ R1M feature 'revolver'-style slider pucks made with hard, abrasion-resistant DELRIN plastic, for excellent protection of the fairings and other exposed parts if you lay it down at speed on the track. Attached to the frame with anodized billet aluminum collars and chrome molybdenum bolts. (Set of 2)

3 styles of Frame Sliders are now available for R1:
Frame Sliders (Standard Version) feature full-size 'revolver' style slider pucks that should offer plenty of protection in most riding situations.

'Racing Version' Frame Sliders feature a slimmer, lower profile design than our standard R1 Frame Sliders, with compact slider pucks that protrude out just enough to protect the fairings if you slide.

NEW Flush Mount-style Frame Sliders are a sleek alternative to traditional puck-type Frame Sliders. Featuring Delrin slider plates on anodized billet aluminum mounting brackets. They look great when installed together with our R1 Engine Sliders.

FRAME SLIDERS (standard version)

Easy install - No fairing modifications required with these Frame Sliders.

Our 'Revolver'-style slider pucks have an innovative
twist-on design that simplifies installation and makes it
easy to remove or replace the slider pucks without
having to also remove the engine mount bolts.

(Standard version)

YAMAHA YZF-R1 ('15- )
FRAME SLIDERS (Racing Version)

Our 'Racing Version' Frame Sliders for R1 feature low profile 'revolver'-style slider pucks that do not protrude out as far as our standard R1 Frame Sliders, but still far enough out to protect the fairings if you slide. (Set of 2)

Install these along with our R1 Engine Sliders for even more complete protection.

Easy install - No fairing modifications required with these Frame Sliders.

(Racing version)

SATO RACING offers a full selection of Replacement Parts for our Frame Sliders.
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To find out the individual part names & numbers, see the illustrated
parts list included with your Sato Racing Frame Sliders, or view the PDF:

Frame Sliders (Std version)  |   Frame Sliders (Racing version)

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