BMW S1000RR ('09-'16)

Autoclave-formed using the finest quality aerospace-grade prepreg dry carbon available (Japan-sourced), Sato Carbon Engine Covers are very strong and durable, yet also incredibly light. Featuring a handsome 'twill' weave pattern with subtle 'Sato Racing' logo art embedded in the deep gloss finish.

Engine Covers - [R] Side + Lower [R] Side

Ultra-lightweight dry carbon. Place over the stock engine cover.
Gives your S1000RR a clean custom look, and helps prevent scrapes
and other damage to the engine.

Lower [R] Side Engine Cover includes a Delrin guard for added
protection in the event of a slide.

S1000RR shown with SATO Carbon [R] Side and Lower [R] Side Engine Covers.
Also seen on the bike is SATO Carbon Swingarm Cover (sold separately).

Engine Cover - [R] Side

Glossy Finish BMW-S1CB-ECR

Engine Cover - Lower [R] Side

Glossy Finish BMW-S1CB-ECR-L

Carbon Engine Cover - [L] Side

Ultra-lightweight dry carbon, with a Delrin guard for added protection.
Place over stock cover.

Engine Cover - [L] Side

Glossy Finish BMW-S1CB-ECL

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