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HELMET LOCK - Kawasaki Ninja 1000 '11-'19


SATO RACING Helmet Lock for 2011-19 Ninja 1000* (part# K-N1017HL) is a sturdy clasp-type lock mounted on a black anodized billet aluminum base. It installs in a discreet location below the seat on the left side, mounting between the passenger peg bracket and the seat frame. Our Helmet Lock gives you a secure and convenient way to stow your helmet on the bike when parked. Includes 2 keys.

*This lock was designed for the Ninja 1000. It will also technically fit the similar Z1000, but due to the different tail section panel design on the Z1000, it might not look quite the same installed on the Z1000 as it does in our sample photos of the Ninja 1000.

NOTE: In some cases, the D-ring on the helmet's strap might be a tight reach to the lock clasp. There's an optional accessory we call a Helmet Anchor that is very useful in these situations. it is an anchor-shaped aluminum bracket with a hole on top. You slide it through the D-ring on the helmet and loop the hole part through the lock clasp. Click Here if you want to get a Helmet Anchor.

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  • Model: K-N1017HL