KAWASAKI Ninja 250R ('08- ) / Ninja 300 ('13-)
Adjustable Handle Bars

SATO RACING Handle Bars for Ninja 250R / 300 are made of silver (clear) anodized billet aluminum, with black-anodized mounting brackets and stainless steel bolts. Provides 3 adjustable positions at 6 degree intervals. Handle Bars will angle downward 5 degrees compared to the stock bars, so the height of the Bars will be 42.5mm lower than stock when measured at the bar ends.
(L/R set of 2)

Angle is adjustable with 3 separate positions at 6 degree intervals.

Ninja 250R with SATO Handle Bars and Fork Spring Preload Adjusters.
Handle Bars angle downward by 5 degrees.

Detail of SATO Handle Bars and Fork Spring Preload Adjuster

Ninja 300 with SATO Handle Bars, Handle Bar Ends and Fork Spring Preload Adjusters.

These Handle Bars come standard with Delrin plastic bar ends, but you can add our billet aluminum or stainless steel Handle Bar Ends (including optional inner bar weights), and even a Lever Guard.

Compatible with full-size (30mm) Handle Bar Ends w/ Inserts (Ducati type) part# BE-1S / BE-1L / BE-2S/ BE-2L. 'type2' Lever Guard (M6 size) part# LG30-M6 (shown above) can be installed with these Handle Bar Ends.

Compact 22mm Bar End w/ Inserts (part# BE22-1) will also fit on these Handle Bars. That size can be used with 'type1' Lever Guard part# LG22-M6.

(Set of 2)

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