Autoclave-formed using the highest quality aerospace-grade prepreg dry carbon available (Japan-sourced), Sato Carbon parts are strong and durable, yet also incredibly light. Our Carbon Heat Shield for Diavel replaces the stock exhaust heat shield.

Choose from two unique weave patterns - PLAIN and TWILL pattern. The PLAIN weave pattern matches the look of stock Ducati carbon parts, while the TWILL weave is the same pattern as most
Sato Carbon parts. Glossy Finish.

Heat Shield with PLAIN weave pattern

Heat Shield with TWILL weave pattern

Heat Shield
PLAIN weave
Heat Shield
TWILL weave

NOTE: Due to the high-heat location of this part, there may be some discoloration or slight surface cracking with use. Not recommended for use during dyno-testing or other situations where the bike is running for a long period while stationary and there is no airflow to disperse heat.

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