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RACING HOOKS [GOLD] - Kawasaki ZX-6R ('09-'12)


SATO RACING Kawasaki ZX-6R ('09-'12) Racing Hooks [GOLD]

These anodized billet aluminum Racing Hooks give your ZX-6R sturdy tie-down loops,
very handy for strapping down the bike while transporting it, along with the many other
possible uses. Gold anodized billet aluminum with stainless steel bolts. (Set of 2)

Includes hardware kit for installing on ZX-6R with the stock
exhaust hanger/ passenger peg bracket.

Aluminum anodizing is an electrochemical process that increases the thickness
of a passive, naturally occurring, protective aluminum oxide film. Without this process,
regular aluminum will corrode and become weak. Anodizing provides protection from
these effects. One drawback of anodized GOLD is its tendency to fade with prolonged
exposure to UV rays. Since this does not affect the primary purpose of anodizing -
corrosion protection - Color fading is not covered by the Sato Racing warranty.

Purchasers should also be aware that GOLD Sato parts are anodized in a unique tone of gold
(deep, with hints of orange/ copper) that likely won't be an exact match with other anodized
gold parts you may already have on your bike by other manufacturers. Sato Racing
will not accept a warranty return on a GOLD part that has already been installed,
and then the buyer decides to return it solely because they are unsatisfied with
the shade of gold
. So if you decide to go with the GOLD, it should be with the
full understanding of these limitations of gold anodizing.

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  • Model: K-ZX609HOOK-GD