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REAR SETS type1 [SILVER] - Ducati 848/ 848 evo


SATO RACING Type1 Rear Sets [SILVER] for Ducati 848/ 848 evo -

Our Type 1 Rear Sets don't have an integrated brake pedal, so you can keep
the stock brake pedal, or get our matching ADJUSTABLE BRAKE PEDAL.

These Rear Sets are made of billet aluminum anodized in a brilliant Silver finish.
The shift pedal utilizes double stainless bearings for smooth, precise
shifting with a solid feel. Knurled footpegs provide optimal grip, along with a
comfortable, intuitive feel. Modular design provides 10 adjustable positions,
ranging from stock-equivalent position to positions higher and slightly more
forward than stock. You can switch from stock shift pattern to GP-style reverse
shift pattern by flipping the stock shift arm. (Note: If you have the Ducabike
quick shifter, these Rear Sets are stock shift pattern only)

Available options include a matching anodized billet aluminum SHIFT ARM
that provides additional mounting points for the shift rod, which can be useful
if you want to shorten the shift stroke.

NOTE: SATO RACING Rear Sets are designed for track use.
We highly recommend installation be done by a certified mechanic.

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  • Model: D-848RS1-SV