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REAR SETS [GOLD] - Honda CBR650F/ CB650F/ CBR650R/ CB650R


SATO RACING Rear Sets [GOLD] for 2014-18 Honda CBR650F/ CB650F and 2019-20 CBR650R*/ CB650R* features a track-engineered design with parts precision CNC-machined out of high strength billet aluminum and anodized in a vivid Gold** finish, with Black-anodized base plates, shift linkage and levers. The shift and brake levers incorporate miniature double stainless bearings for smooth, precise actuation with a solid feel. Knurled footpegs provide optimal grip. The pedal tips (toe pegs) are made of tough, abrasion-resistant Delrin plastic. Modular adjustable design lets you select from 6 foot peg positions that bring your feet progressively higher up and further back compared to stock. You can switch from stock shift pattern to reverse (GP-style) shift pattern by rotating the change arm. Fully compatible with the stock brake light switch and ABS.

*NOTE: This model is not compatible with 2019-20 CBR650R / CB650R equipped with the optional Honda quickshifter.

** Before purchasing this item, please Click Here for important information
regarding Sato Racing 'GOLD' anodized parts.

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  • Model: H-650RS-GD