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('15-'16)  /  V7 III ('17-)

Keep your helmet securely locked to your Moto Guzzi with a SATO RACING Helmet Lock for V7, V7 II and V7 III. This tough lock is mounted to a black anodized billet aluminum base and installs in a convenient location between the pasenger peg bracket and the frame. Lock includes 2 keys.

We now make 2 different Helmet Locks for the V7 series:
Part# MG-V7HL fits 2008-16 V7 and V7 II  (installs on the L-side)
Part# MG-V717HL fits the 2017+ V7 III  (installs on the R-side)

Our Helmet Locks are ideal to have for all those times when you want to stop places while out on a ride and you don't want to leave your helmet just sitting on your Guzzi, but you don't necessarily want to carry your helmet around with you everywhere either.

A matching Helmet Anchor is an available option.

('15 V7 II)

(V7 Cafe Classic)

Part# MG-V7HL  ( Fits V7 and V7 II, Left side )

Part# MG-V717HL  ( Fits V7 III, Right side )

V7 / V7 II MG-V7HL

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