- Size: M8 -

SATO RACING Size M8 Handle Bar Ends fit M8-threaded handle bars found on most Kawasaki models, along with some BMW and Triumph models.

Our original style (30mm diameter) Handle Bar Ends are available in 3 lengths:
LONG style, SHORT style, and FLAT style. Choose from anodized billet aluminum (Black, Silver, Gold, Red and/or Gunmetal), or Stainless Steel Bar Ends.

Our new
Full Size (35mm diameter) Handle Bar Ends are true bar end sliders, with replaceable End Caps made of abrasion-resistant black Delrin plastic for an extra level of protection if you lay it down. Available in your choice of Black, Silver, Gold, Red anodized billet aluminum, or Stainless Steel.

2 versions of each M8 Bar End style are available: You can get them either with or without Adapter Collars designed to hide the protruding grip ends found on most Kawasaki models, along with several BMW models. (see photos below for details)

These Bar Ends can also be installed with our M8-size Lever Guards (Details Below).

SHORT-style Stainless Steel Handle Bar Ends + Adapter Collars (part# BE-M8SK-SUS) shown on a Ninja 1000.   The adapter collars are not required on all bike models that have M8-threaded bars, but are recommended for a cleaner appearance, particularly if installing on Kawasaki models.

SATO RACING Handle Bar End (SHORT-style) compared to the stock Kawasaki
bar end. The optional Kawasaki-type adapter collars can be removed if not needed.

SHORT-style Stainless Steel Handle Bar End with Adapter Collar on a BMW K1300R.
On BMW models, there may still be a visible gap between the bar end collar and the grip.

SHORT-style Handle Bar Ends + Adapter Collars - Choose from Stainless Steel, or anodized billet aluminum with a Black, Silver, Gold, Red or Gunmetal finish.  All our Handle Bar Ends feature laser-etched Sato Racing logo script around the outside edge. (NOTE: Adapter collars come in Black only)

'Gunmetal' Handle Bar Ends - a striking iridescent greenish gray with hints of
blue and magenta that shifts color depending on lighting and viewing angle.
(This color option is available for the
SHORT and LONG style bar ends only.)

LONG-style Handle Bar Ends + Adapter Collars

Our Stainless Steel Bar Ends are quite heavy, around twice the
weight of our aluminum Bar Ends of the same size. That extra
weight at the ends could help to suppress handle bar vibrations.

FLAT-style Handle Bar Ends have a smooth, low-profile style. This style looks great
by itself, or install these Bar Ends together with our Lever Guards.  Choice of Black,
Silver, Gold or Red anodized finish. (Shown above with the optional adapter collars).

New Full Size (35mm diameter) Handle Bar Ends + Adapter Collars on a Kawasaki Ninja 400.

New Full Size (35mm diameter) Handle Bar Ends for M8-threaded bars, shown with the optional Adapter Collars. Our full-size Bar Ends double as sliders, utilizing end caps made of high-density, abrasion-resistant Delrin to help protect your bars and bar-mointed controls and accessories from scrapes or more serious damage if you lay it down.

(Partial) Compatibility List:
KAWASAKI ZX-6R / ZX-9R / ZX-10R ('09-'18) / ZX-12R / ZX-14R / ER-4n/6n / Z900 / Z1000 ('10- ) / Ninja250-1000 / GPZ900R / ZRX1100/1200 / ZEP1100 / ZZR400/1100
NOT compatible with:
Kawasaki H2 '15- / ZX-10R ('04-'05, 2008) / Z1000 '07-'09/ Ninja 650 '17-

BMW K1200/1300S/R / R1100S / R1200S/ F800S

TRIUMPH Speed Triple (-'07, '11- ) / Street Triple ( -'12) / Daytona675 (non-R) *

Fits Triumph models that have M5-threaded bar inserts if the stock threaded sleeves are modified/removed so they fit M8 bolt size. The optional adapter collars are recommended if installing on Daytona 675. Not compatible with all years and versions of the listed models, so check your bars for compatibility before ordering.

FULL-size (35mm Diameter)  HANDLE BAR ENDS   (Set of 2)

COLOR Handle Bar Ends
(No Collars)
Handle Bar Ends
+ Adapter Collars
BLACK BE35-M8-B   $53
BE35-M8K-B   $66
SILVER BE35-M8-S   $53
BE35-M8K-S   $66
GOLD BE35-M8-G   $53
BE35-M8K-G   $66
RED BE35-M8-RD   $53
BE35-M8K-RD   $66
BE35-M8-SUS   $65
BE35-M8K-SUS   $78

LONG style   HANDLE BAR ENDS   (Set of 2)

COLOR Handle Bar Ends
(No Collars)
Handle Bar Ends
+ Adapter Collars
BLACK BE-M8L-B   $33
BE-M8LK-B   $46
BE-M8LK-S   $46
GOLD BE-M8L-G   $33
BE-M8LK-G   $46
RED BE-M8L-RD   $33
BE-M8LK-RD   $46
BE-M8LK-GUN   $46
BE-M8L-SUS   $43
BE-M8LK-SUS   $56

SHORT style   HANDLE BAR ENDS   (Set of 2)

COLOR Handle Bar Ends
(No Collars)
Handle Bar Ends
+ Adapter Collars
BLACK BE-M8S-B   $30
BE-M8SK-B   $43
BE-M8SK-S   $43
GOLD BE-M8S-G   $30
BE-M8SK-G   $43
RED BE-M8S-RD   $30
BE-M8SK-RD   $43
BE-M8SK-GUN   $43
BE-M8S-SUS   $40
BE-M8SK-SUS   $53

FLAT style   HANDLE BAR ENDS   (Set of 2)

COLOR Handle Bar Ends
(No Collars)
Handle Bar Ends
+ Adapter Collars
BLACK BE-M8F-B   $30
BE-M8FK-B   $43
BE-M8FK-S   $43
GOLD BE-M8F-G   $30
BE-M8FK-G   $43
RED BE-M8F-RD   $30
BE-M8FK-RD   $43

Size: M8  (New version)

SATO RACING Lever Guard help protect your hands and prevent unintentional engagement of the clutch or brake levers, such as during contact with another rider on the track. Made of lightweight Black-anodized billet aluminum, these Lever Guards have an adjustable pivot that lets you change the angle of the arm and overall length of the guard. This pivot also allows you to rotate the arm of the Lever Guard, which means it can be installed on either the Right (brake) side or left (Clutch) side.

'Type2' Lever Guard (Size: M8) is designed to fit with Sato standard size (30mm diameter) Handle Bar Ends with M8 bolt size.

Fits KAWASAKI, TRIUMPH and BMW models with 8mm-threaded bar openings.

For most Kawasaki and BMW models, for best results install together with the adapter collars included with
Handle Bar Ends part# BE-M8LK/ BE-M8SK/ BE-M8FK. (See top right inset image in above photo)

Our M8 Lever Guard works well with our FLAT-style Handle Bar Ends (sold separately).

LEVER GUARD [type 2]
Size: M8

- Original Version -

Made of lightweight anodized billet aluminum, these 'version 1' Lever Guards feature a fixed one-piece guard design with an adjustable collar that lets you lengthen the guard slightly if needed. These are designed to be installed with SATO RACING Handle Bar Ends (M8 size). Although they lack the adjustable pivot of our 'version 2' Lever Guards, the rigid design of these 'version 1' Lever Guards means they are practically indestructable in heavy duty use. Choice of Left (Clutch) or Right (Brake) Lever Guard, sold individually. (Black, Silver or Gold)

[R] Lever Guard (size: M8) with Kawasaki-type Short-style Handle Bar End on a Ninja 250R

[R] Lever Guard (size: M8) with Kawasaki-type Short-style Handle Bar End on a '13 ZX-6R

[R] Lever Guard in Gold, shown with Kawasaki-type Short-style Handle Bar Ends in Gunmetal (part# BE-M8SK-GUN). You can mix and match Bar End and Lever Guard colors, for some wild color combinations that really pop.

Left and Right Lever Guards in Gold, shown with matching FLAT-style Handle Bar Ends (part# BE-M8FK-G).

SATO RACING has reduced the prices of our remaining 'version 1' Lever Guards! Limited quantities still available in Black, Silver or Gold.

'version 1' LEVER GUARD - Size M8

Clutch Lever Guard
- [R] SIDE -
Brake Lever Guard





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