AXLE CAPS  (17mm)
HONDA CB300R / CB250R '18- (Rear)
YAMAHA YZF-R3/ R25 '15-  (Rear)

SATO RACING Axle Caps for 17mm axle size are cup-style Axle Caps CNC-machined out of high strength anodized billet aluminum, with white laser-etched 'Sato Racing' logo script around the outside edge. Featuring deep inner grooves that can be used to lift the bike onto a hook-type stand*. The standoff these Axle Caps provide should also help protect the swingarm from damage in a fallover or crash. Choice of Gold or Red anodized finish.

Our 17mm-type Axle Caps (part# AXCAP17) fit the rear axle on 2015+ Yamaha YZF-R3/ R25, 2018+ Honda CB300R / CB250R and other sportbike models with a 17mm axle diameter and compatible stock axle nuts of up to 24mm diameter (excluding flanges). (L/R Set of 2)


NOTE: Axle cannot be pulled out when lifted up on the stand.

Choice of Gold or Red anodized finish

2019 Yamaha YZF-R3 shown with Front and Rear Axle Caps. The front
Axle Caps for the 2019+ YZF-R3 are the smaller 15mm size:

* Fits stands with V-type hooks that have atleast a 35mm opening and are a maximum of 5mm thick.

17mm (Rear) Axle Caps (Set of 2)


* Click Here for important info about Sato GOLD-anodized parts.

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